It’s no secret that brands have shifted their efforts to create personalized messages and offerings to earn consumers’ attention and wallets. However, personalization tactics alone won’t be enough to foster more meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers. According to Nielsen’s fifth Annual Marketing Report, which surveyed marketers from around the world, 36% of consumers are increasingly looking for more than just products or services from their favorite brands, and they want to buy from companies that prioritize social causes, diversity and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.Since consumers have more choices than ever, the weight of responsibility that marketers shoulder to forge relationships with consumers has never been heavier. In response to consumers’ demands for more transparency from brands and that brands align with important social causes, marketers must not only make a meaningful brand promise, but also deliver on it, to attract consumers and increase loyalty.

Navigating the two-way relationship with consumers 

Previously, the relationship between brands and consumers was purely one-way and transactional—brands provided a good or service for which consumers paid. As consumers have gained more purchasing power, the dynamic shifted to a two-way relationship where consumers both champion and criticize brands to their networks. As a result, marketers have had to pay closer attention to consumer sentiments to ensure consumers’ expectations were being met, especially when it comes to brands supporting social causes.

Nielsen Scarborough data highlights that over half of U.S. consumers (52.3%) purchase from brands that support causes they care about; similarly, more than 36% expect the brands

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