Entergy Texas is ready for another hurricane season, and customers should be ready, too.
Entergy Texas prepares for the worst of what Mother Nature might bring, because our customers live in areas prone to severe weather. The weather impacting the Gulf Coast is increasing in strength and occurring with greater frequency. And scientists predict this hurricane season will be just as active, with at least 19 named storms and nine hurricanes.
Entergy Texas performs storm preparations year-round – from inspections and vegetation management to training and industry collaboration. Since trees and other vegetation are a leading cause of power outages, the company conducts “ground to sky” vegetation trimming, which removes tree limbs that would normally have been above the power line and out. And Entergy Texas uses satellite imagery and computer modeling to help predict when trimming may be needed.
Enhancing the grid is also an ongoing effort that’s well-planned. The company knows investments in hardened infrastructure perform well.
“Storms are impacting our region with greater frequency and intensity, making it even more important to prepare well ahead of a tropical system threatening our area,” said Melanie Taylor, vice president for reliability Entergy Texas. “We’re committed to restoring power safely and as quickly as possible following severe weather and urge customers to prepare and have a plan in place.”
Entergy Texas stands storm ready. The company has a proven plan of continuous preparation, planning and training. As severe weather threatens, the company monitors, mobilizes and acts.
Stay prepared
Staying storm ready is a full-time job, 24/7, 365 days

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