Renewable program available for those who opt-in
BATON ROUGE, La. – Entergy Louisiana customers will soon be able to take advantage of a program that allows them to align a portion of their monthly electric usage with renewable energy credits.
Beginning this May, the Green Select option gives residential and business customers in Louisiana the power to match some or all of their electricity usage with clean, renewable energy generated in state. Participating customers can benefit from resources like the Capital Region Solar site in West Baton Rouge through the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs). RECs represent the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation such as wind and solar and are integral to renewable electricity products. Offering customers the option to reduce the impact of their electricity usage through RECs is another way Entergy Louisiana is supporting customer interest in renewable options. The company has proposed additional renewable options for customers that are still pending regulatory approval from the Louisiana Public Service Commission.
“Green Select gives our customers another tool to help reduce their carbon footprint,” said Phillip May, Entergy Louisiana president and CEO. “Our communities are increasingly asking us for clean-energy offerings, and this program will help our businesses and customers meet those goals in helping sustain a bright future for the state.”
Entergy Louisiana operates one of the cleanest power generation fleets in the nation. Today, about 30% of the energy Entergy Louisiana customers use is clean, coming from sources that don’t emit carbon dioxide, such as hydropower, solar and nuclear

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