NEW ORLEANS – Daylight saving time is approaching, meaning the days are getting warmer and longer. Whether you want to start your spring cleaning or simply enjoy nice weather in the great outdoors, staying safe is important.
As you set the clocks forward and soak in the sun, here is a reminder from Entergy New Orleans and Entergy Louisiana to protect yourself and your home this spring:
Keep an eye on your surroundings

Look up and out for overhead power lines. Staying away from power lines is one of the most important ways you can stay safe when you are outdoors. Overhead power lines carry thousands of volts of electricity and are not insulated, making them deadly to touch. If you encounter a power line through your body – or an object you are holding, like a tree limb, ladder or even a kite – you will become a path for the electricity to find the ground.
Always assume power lines are electrified, even if they are down or underground and do not spark or hum. If you see a downed line or a tree branch that is close to a power line, the safest thing to do is call 1-800-ENTERGY.
Remember, water and electricity do not mix. Keep electrical appliances and power cords away from wet areas. And never touch electrical cords or appliances if you’re wet or standing in water.

Work with nature, not against it

Plant the right trees in the right place. When adding new trees to your landscaping, consider placement and tree height at maturity, and

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