Refuel begins after year of record generation
PORT GIBSON, Mississippi – Grand Gulf team members joined with hundreds of employees and contracting partners this weekend to commence the station’s 23rd scheduled refueling and maintenance outage following a record-setting year of power generation.
Control room operators removed the plant from the grid at 9 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 26, placing the plant in safe shutdown while refueling takes place. Refueling outages typically last several weeks, allowing for safe, secure and reliable operation when the refuel and other maintenance activities are finished.
Hundreds of contract workers are joining the Grand Gulf team, along with Entergy employees from other nuclear plants and headquarters. The influx of contract workers throughout the duration of the outage, many from outside the area, and their associated spending will provide an economic boost to the local communities.
Grand Gulf is one of the largest operators of its kind in the world, and the plant enters its 2022 refuel after setting all-time station records for both gross generation and net generation in megawatt-hours. In 2021, Grand Gulf’s net generation was 11,731,254 megawatt-hours, with gross generation of 12,200,125 megawatt-hours. Gross generation is total generation, and net is the amount of total generation produced minus the electricity used to operate the power plant. Previously, Grand Gulf’s all-time record was in 2015, with 11,715,621 and 12,160,896 megawatt-hours, respectively.
Nuclear power plants around the world schedule refuels every 18 to 24 months, typically in the spring or fall when power demands are lower.
What is a refuel?
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