Entergy Louisiana Strengthening Electric System in Hard-Hit Coastal Communities

Crews supporting Entergy Louisiana’s restoration efforts following historic Hurricane Ida are continuing to repair, rebuild and strengthen the electric system in hard-hit coastal communities like Port Fourchon and Grand Isle.
In areas where the height of Ida’s strength was felt, approximately 2,500 customers remain without electric service as dedicated lineworkers and others continue to set new poles, hang new wire and install new hardware. Many of these customers are making repairs to their electrical infrastructure and coordinating with Entergy to reconnect where power is available.
“I want to assure our customers in these communities that we’ll continue giving it our all, to not only restore power, but also strengthen the electric system ahead of future storms,” said Phillip May, Entergy Louisiana president and CEO. “The storm may have knocked us down, but together, we’ll continue to pick up the pieces and stand again, stronger than before.”
While service has been restored to most customers in Port Fourchon who can safely accept it, work continues to increase the resiliency of the electric system in the area. Crews are installing distribution equipment that meets the most up-to-date design standards. Among steps being taken, crews are installing class-one utility poles with extra hardened footings for critical powerlines in the area. These new structures are designed to withstand 150-mph winds. The distribution wood poles Entergy installs today are generally 60-140% stronger in relation to bending moments than the poles Entergy would have used 5-10 years ago in an effort to harden the distribution system in our coastal


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