Entergy Announces Preliminary Estimated Times of Restoration for Customers Impacted by Hurricane Ida

The company has restored power to approximately 225,000 customers
NEW ORLEANS – Entergy Corporation (NYSE: ETR) subsidiaries Entergy Louisiana and Entergy New Orleans announced today preliminary estimated times to complete power restoration for those customers affected by Hurricane Ida, a historic Category 4 storm that impacted nearly 950,000 customers in southeast Louisiana and southwest Mississippi. In the five days since Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, Entergy crews have restored power to approximately 225,000 customers.
The estimated times of completed restoration come after an extensive damage assessment by thousands of workers, which has thus far revealed more than 14,000 damaged or destroyed poles, 2,223 damaged or destroyed transformers, and 155 destroyed transmission structures. The assessment continues in the most damaged areas, but in parallel, the restoration process is well underway. Thus, the preliminary estimates for restoration reflect completion dates, but service to many customers will be restored before these dates. Nearly 26,000 professionals from 40 states continue their around-the-clock efforts to restore power throughout the affected communities.
The preliminary estimated times of restoration are for customers in affected areas. Many of these areas are already having their power restored. Some individual cases may take longer due to unique circumstances. Customers with damage to their meter, meter pan or weatherhead will need repairs to those items prior to Entergy re-energizing their structure.
“We understand the extreme difficulty of living without power, and hope that these estimated times of restoration can help customers better plan and prepare for the coming days, and for those in the


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