Entergy Texas Completes Advanced Meter Deployment

New energy-saving tools available for customers
BEAUMONT, Texas – Entergy Texas, Inc. has completed its multiyear deployment of advanced meters to homes and businesses across southeast Texas. The new advanced meters improve service to customers by offering quicker and more accurate detection of outages and provide new tools that allow customers to manage their energy usage. The upgrades are part of Entergy Texas’ plan to invest today to ensure a bright future for Texas.
“The new advanced meters not only upgraded our system with new technology that helps us detect outages quicker, but they provide customers with more benefits and control over their energy usage,” said Stuart Barrett, vice president of customer service for Entergy Texas. “As the heat sets in across southeast Texas, customers can easily access new online tools to manage their energy usage, which can lead to a reduction in their energy usage and potentially help lower their electric bills.”
With advanced meters, customers have access to more detailed energy usage to take control of their bills.  Advanced meters allow customers to log in to their accounts and view how much electricity has been used daily, shown in 15-minute increments for residential customers, rather than having to wait until the end of the month to view their energy usage.
Through the new online tools, customers can set up alerts when reaching budgetary goals to keep them aware of their monthly spending. Advanced meters provide customers with more timely usage information so that they can decide whether to reduce consumption to help


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