Recycling Your Secondary Refrigerator is Good for the Environment and Your Wallet

New Orleans, La— Energy New Orleans is offering residential customers rewards for recycling their secondary refrigerators or freezers.
Through the Energy Smart Appliance Recycling offering, customers can take advantage of a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for old energy draining appliances.
Customers can call 877-743-3128 or visit  to schedule a free, in-home pick up of their working refrigerator or freezer. Participants will receive $50 for up to two fridges or freezers (7.75 cubic ft. or larger) recycled. The Energy Smart Appliance Recycling program is available now until the end of the year or when funds run out.
According to ENERGY STAR®, a 15-year secondary refrigerator or freezer can use twice as much energy annually as a new model, resulting in significant costs on customers’ electric bills.  In addition to saving money, recycling appliances is good for the environment. Recycling one refrigerator keeps more than 100 lbs. of metal, plastic and glass out of the waste stream and prevents old refrigerant and foam from getting into the environment avoiding an extra 10,000 pounds of carbon pollution.
About Energy Smart
Energy Smart is an energy efficiency program administered by Entergy New Orleans on behalf of the New Orleans City Council. Energy Smart offers comprehensive and innovative energy efficiency solutions to help Entergy New Orleans residential and business customers save energy and money by reducing the up-front cost of a variety of energy efficiency upgrades. The program works with participating partners, local trade allies and retailers to help customers find new ways to save energy through installation


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