Entergy’s Indian Point Unit 3 to Permanently Shut Down

BUCHANAN, N.Y. – Control room operators at Entergy Corporation’s (NYSE: ETR) Indian Point Energy Center Unit 3 will shut down the nuclear reactor by Friday, April 30, for the final time, marking the end of nearly 60 successful years of safe, virtually carbon-free power generation at the facility.
Announced in 2017, the shutdown of both operating units at Indian Point is pursuant to a settlement agreement with the State of New York and was the result of a number of factors, including sustained low current and projected wholesale energy prices that reduced revenues. Indian Point Unit 2 shut down as scheduled on April 30, 2020.
“Indian Point has been operated and maintained at the highest levels of reliability, safety and security for many years, and Unit 3 has been online continuously since April 9, 2019 – setting a new world record for continuous days of operation,” said Chris Bakken, Entergy’s Chief Nuclear Officer. “Indian Point’s enduring legacy will be the thousands of men and women who operated the plant safely, reliably, and securely, while helping to power New York City and the lower Hudson Valley for nearly 60 years. We owe those who serve now, along with those who came before them, a debt of gratitude.”
Plant Breaks World Record for Continuous Days of Operation 
The shutdown completes a remarkable recent operating history for the 1,041-megawatt Unit 3, which currently has generated electricity continuously for 751 days since it was last refueled in April 2019. The mark is a world record for commercial light


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