What’s Next in Media Measurement?

The only thing consistent about the media industry is change. Media fragmentation is the new norm. People are constantly modifying what media they consume, how they consume it and when they consume it. Currency data is critical to understanding the engagement of these audiences through reach and frequency metrics to individual media types.

this has created a new challenge for marketers to get the best bang for their
advertising buck. Without a complete view of the media experience by a person,
marketers are stuck with individual media-type campaigns; each is a walled
garden. But people don’t operate that way, they jump from device-to-device.
There is hope for the advertiser: The advertising sales community understands
that the marketer and their agencies need to see the total exposure of a
campaign across all media purchased. The demand for an independent,
deduplication of audiences is softening industry bodies to consider partnering
together. It’s a team sport that the entire industry needs to get behind. For
those who play, growth is on the horizon.

latest research from Nielsen’s Q1 2019 Total
Audience Report reveals that adults in the U.S. continue to increase their
overall cross-media consumption and, with it, opportunities abound for
businesses that have efficient strategies to capitalise on them at their most
engaged. These consumers spend 11 hours and 27 minutes per day interacting with
media across TV, TV-connected devices, radio, computers, smartphones and
tablets—21 minutes of additional media exposure across all platforms from
first-quarter 2018.

build a future for our media industry, Nielsen is committed to innovating. We
have built two critical frameworks to drive brand and sales lift

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