Entergy Crews Working to Restore Power Where it is Safe to Do So

NEW ORLEANS – Power has been knocked out to approximately 58,000 customers as of 10:30 a.m. Saturday as Hurricane Barry moves over the Louisiana coast.
A team of more than 2,900 restoration workers, including support personnel and contractors, has been mobilized and working to restore power where it is safe to do so. The greatest threat from the storm continues to be significant flooding over parts of south Louisiana.
As the storm continues to move ashore, crews are facing several challenges, including road and flood-gate closures, impassable roadways due to flooding and high winds preventing the use of bucket trucks in some areas. For their safety, crews cannot operate bucket trucks when winds are 30 mph or higher.
“Safety is of the utmost importance for all of us as this storm moves through the state. Our crews are responding where it is safe to do so,” said Melonie Stewart, vice president of distribution operations in Louisiana who is heading up Entergy’s storm response.
As the storm passes, crews will assess damage and restore service to customers when safety allows. “If customers don’t see our crews working near their area, we may be working on an outage in another location that must be repaired to get power to you,” Stewart said.
Customers are urged to remain safe and stay away from downed power lines and flooded areas. Do not walk in standing water and do not venture into areas of debris, since energized and dangerous power lines may not be visible. If you find or suspect damaged

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