Innovation at Home: Walmart’s Plan for a New Home Office

May 17, 2019 By Dan Bartlett, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs When you imagine your dream home, you’re imagining a future.Would it have an open floor plan? Room to work out? A nice yard with landscaping? Lots of light? A dream home is about more than just the layout or the amenities. It’s a space that reflects who you are and enables you to become your best self.We’ve spent the past couple of years imagining what Walmart’s “dream home” might look like. We’ve thought a lot about how we want to work together as our company grows and changes. With our associates and the community in mind, we’ve landed on a design that reflects our values, honors our history and enables our potential. What do associates care about when it comes to their workplace? They want a space that promotes real connections, creativity and health. This means ample natural light, expanded food offerings, convenient parking, fitness options and a child care facility. They want to work in an office environment that makes them better every day, just as they do the same for the company every day.Of course, associates have heard leadership say time and again, Walmart is people-led and tech-empowered. For that statement to continue to guide us, we need a modern, connected campus. We expect this will accelerate Walmart’s digital transformation and help attract the next generation of talent with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary conveniences. When we think about the future, it’s crucial that we also think about

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