Jason J. Burt Named Associate Regional Director for Enforcement in SEC's Denver Office

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Jason J. Burt has been named the Associate Regional Director for enforcement in the SEC’s Denver Regional Office. Mr. Burt succeeds Kurt Gottschall, who became Regional Director of the SEC’s Denver office in November 2018.

Mr. Burt joined the SEC’s Division of Enforcement as a staff attorney in 2007. After the division was reorganized in 2010, he served as a member the division’s Market Abuse Unit until he was promoted to Assistant Regional Director in the SEC’s Asset Management Unit in 2016. Since August 2018, he also has served as an Assistant Regional Director in the SEC’s Market Abuse Unit.

Mr. Burt helped develop and lead the SEC’s Share Class Selection Disclosure Initiative (SCSDI), a self-reporting initiative designed to return money quickly to investors harmed by inadequate fee disclosures. The SEC recently announced the first set of actions brought under the initiative against 79 firms, resulting in over $125 million being returned to harmed investors.

In addition to helping to develop and lead the SCSDI, Mr. Burt has investigated or supervised a number of significant matters, including cases involving:

Nine defendants charged with participating in a scheme to hack into the SEC’s EDGAR system and extract nonpublic information to use for illegal trading
Investment advisers charged with breaching fiduciary duties to clients, requiring them to repay over $12 million in improper fees to harmed clients
Violations of the federal securities laws in connection with the operation of alternative trading systems
Dozens of defendants charged with taking part in an international scheme to profit from stolen nonpublic information about corporate earnings

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