Don’t Let Old Man Winter Drive Up Your Energy Bills

          Cold weather came early this winter and is sticking around in The Natural State. While many of our customers associate hot temperatures with a rise in their electricity bill, sometimes they forget that very cold temperatures can also cause higher bills.
            A cold snap in early 2018 caused sticker shock for many of our customers when their electricity bills arrived in the mail. Don’t let that happen to your family in the New Year. Make a plan to manage your usage and your Entergy bill.
            It’s likely many customers will see high bills in January 2019. That’s because it takes more energy to keep a home comfortable at 68 degrees when it is 15 degrees outside than when it is 34 degrees. Simply put, the bigger the difference between inside and outside temperatures, the more energy you use. Using more electricity costs more money.
            This is especially true in cases where the home is heated with electricity and the home is not insulated well. Mobile homes are especially at risk of high bills in winter because they often are both all-electric and inefficient. Space heaters also require significant electricity, causing big spikes in usage.
            Beginning in January, there will be a nominal increase in a line item on the bill called the Formula Rate Plan Rider. For a typical residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours per month, the increase in this rider will result in an increase of $4.65 per month.
            The Formula Rate Plan

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